Smart Payroll Application

  • Even if you work with another payroll provider, EmployEz makes it easy for you to share your HR and benefits data with your existing solution. EmployEz’ smart payroll application minimizes the work you need to do to keep your payroll up-to-date.
  • Multiple project-based pay rate scheduling allows paying your employees with respect to their corresponding projects
  • Enjoy auto-syncing between HR, Time, Expense, Benefits and Payroll
  • Include Sales commission calculations to automatically sync changes to wages in the payroll application
  • Reconcile payroll with EmployEz prebuilt, standard reporting.

Benefits Administration

  • EmployEz makes managing benefits administration simple
  • Unify benefits with your HR and payroll in our all-in-one technology
  • Give your employees easy benefits enrollment.
  • Sync benefit plan deductions into your payroll file and provide comprehensive billing and reporting based on the benefit plan enrolled
  • EmployEz notifies benefit providers automatically on plan changes and termination