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Let Your Employees Fall in Love with Your Company Through Efficient Human Capital Management

Human capital management has never been easier or more efficient. EmployEz brings you an intuitive, transparent, easy-to-use, and efficient HR platform. Your employees will love your HR software which, in turn, will help increase productivity and improve employee retention in your company. From onboarding to document management and payroll, EmployEz covers everything to keep your employees happy and satisfied.

Some Highlighting Features of Human Capital Management

Eliminate the Burden of Manual Paperwork with Automated Onboarding

With EmployEz, there is no need for manual paperwork, data entry, or employee signatures. It simplifies and consolidates all the steps involved in the on boarding process through a secure and protected online portal.

This cloud-based HR platform allows you to automate and customize the entire onboarding procedure, as per your needs, without any hassle. Start your new employees off on the right foot with seamless on-boarding that transitions to simple, straightforward everyday HR access.

Efficient and User-Friendly Employee Self Service

With EmployEz, there’s no need to add submitting employee entries to your already busy schedule and workload. Our employee self-service feature allows them to update their information and allows you to delegate responsibilities. EmployEz gives you easy and quick access to all the information and documents you may need, whenever you need them.

You can also manage any and all authorization and immigration information and conveniently share that information with relevant agencies and organizations. This all-in-one HR technology can be integrated with your existing HR and payroll system. With EmployEz, you have a variety of features at your disposal, including billing, reporting, and document storage.

Centralized and Flexible Document Management System

Manage the data of all your employees on a secure, web-based centralized portal. You can automate and organize the information and documents online all in one place with your selected security processes and procedures. You can set role-based reporting and customize the dashboard to save both you and your employees time, effort, and resources.

Full-Service Automated Synchronized Payroll Process

Keep all your HR, time, and other benefits data in sync with full-fledged, automated payroll. This minimizes both the effort and time required to regularly update payroll.

EmployEz provides prebuilt and standard reporting, which can be reconciled with payroll, and comprehensive HR reports. You can also import the number of hours worked to make accurate and secure payments to your hourly employees.

Choose EmployEz as your trusted partner in human capital management!

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Ultimately, EmployEz gives freedom to your HR department to focus on strategy,
culture, and all things necessary to grow your enterprise.