We are your HR Partner in a Variety of Industries

EmployEz eases your burden of daily paperwork irrespective of your business size. We ensure the performance of your company is not slowed down by inefficient and slow performing HR.

Our efficient, high-performing and advanced HR solutions are exclusively designed for small and medium-sized businesses who cannot afford big HR departments. Through our experience, expertise, and knowledge, we built a platform that allows you to develop an engaged and high-performing workforce that generates better business outcomes.

We serve a variety of industries, and if you don’t see your industry in our list, we can still work together to develop a customized solution to fit your needs.

Industries Served


As a healthcare business owner, with EmployEz, you can easily control labor costs, minimize risks of compliance, enhance the productivity of the workforce and cost-effectively deliver excellent patient care.


EmployEz works as your powerful tool for attracting, engaging and retaining employees who work efficiently with enhanced productivity to deliver optimal business outcomes.


Our automated tools streamline processes and help rein in costs, improve workforce productivity, and maximize budgets — all critical to meeting your missions for student learning, research, and community support.


EmployEz offers comprehensive workforce and project management solutions for the banking sector. These solutions can be customized for forecasting and scheduling employees as per demand as well as streamline service experience.


EmployEz’s specialized features help PEOs (Professional Employer Organizations) and ASOs (Administrative Services Organizations) to significantly reduce risk, enhance efficiency, expand business opportunities and increase profitability. You can add a set of other services to your existing offerings and deliver better capabilities and value to your clients.

Contract Services

With the advanced tools and deep visibility of EmployEz, you can efficiently manage labor costs, drive high and quality performance and have a better understanding of the cost of delivering services.

If you are a staffing firm, you face your unique challenges. Through EmployEz, you can conveniently create, manage and deliver any kind of documents required at any time.


Retention of best-fit employees is an issue in the retail sector. EmployEz provides you with retail-specific solutions, which help you in achieve effective and long-term retention and management of hourly, full-time, part-time and salaried workforce.