Dynamic Customizable Dashboard

  • EmployEz provides a combination of customized static and dynamic widget cards on the dashboard
  • Organizations can have a common set of fixed cards on the dashboard for all their employees
  • Organizations can have customized dashboards for role specific employees
  • Dynamic cards such as Favorites, To-Do List, Vacation Report are real time synced with platform
  • Dashboard has an alert notification feature to get attention for tasks on priority.

Process Workflows

  • EmployEz has a tightly integrated process workflow where each features is synced with the other
  • Through EmployEz’s systematic workflow, have a seamless and error-free workforce management process

Track Multiple Business Units

  • Track and have complete visibility over multiple business units through a single platform
  • With EmployEz, you need not buy separate licenses for different franchise/accounts/business units
  • Save licensing costs by maintaining your entire organization under a single license

Quick Communication via SMS

  • EmployEz is integrated with Twilio for SMS services enabling you to send timely reminders to your employees regarding timesheet submissions for invoicing purposes
  • SMS can be directed to specific employees or can be broadcasted out to the bulk
  • You can also send customized messages to your allocated resources regarding new opportunities