Data Security controls

  • We ensure all your data is communicated over encrypted TLS HTTPS channels thereby protecting your data in transit
  • We use current industrial standard encryption algorithms to ensure security of your sensitive data like passwords
  • By leveraging Microsoft’s Azure services, EmployEz is designed for high security and low latency
  • Azure based cloud SaaS solution offers continuous availability of your data and services wherever and whenever requested
  • Azure’s periodic Backup through VM snapshots assure recovery of any lost or damaged resources
  • Periodic Vulnerability Assessment and Pen-Testing is performed on the application and misconfigurations are actively mitigated

Access Management

  • Azure’s Network firewall provides IP based and port based restricted access to the backend network
  • All password changes are verified via 2-Factor Authentication
  • In addition to secure login access, EmployEz provides 2-FactorAuthentication for accessing critical and sensitive fields.
  • Our Role Base Access Control complies with data integrity policies thereby ensuring only authorized changes to your data
  • EmployEz also helps you maintain access segregation within your organization by providing Business Unit based access where a HR or Manager has access to employee information only under their department or team

Privacy and Compliances

  • By integrating your core HR functions through our comprehensive platform and automating many tasks, we minimize manual data entry, centralize recordkeeping, and help to ensure greater accuracy. EmployEz helps SMBs navigate the complexities of ACA compliance regulations by handling most requirements and proactively keeping them up to date.Only authorized personals have access to your information. EmployEz does not sell, share or trade any of your data