Supplier Onboarding Request and Initiation

  • Sales person can raise a request for onboarding a supplier. 
  • Initiation process for the raised request is done by a Human Resource person after verification of the details. 
  • The platform provides an option for the HR to select the required documents to be submitted by the Supplier and also upload Additional documents if required. 

Documents Signing and Data Collection

  • The Agreements to be signed by both the parties are initiated through the Adobe platform. For example, Master Service Agreement and Background Check documents. 
  • Supplier Company-related data will be collected from the Supplier person through the portal. 

Request Approval Process

  • Verification and cross-checking of the uploaded details and documents. 
  • Declaration of the onboarding supplier request

Consultant Onboarding and Work Order Creation

  • The hiring process is carried out for the onboarded consultant. 
  • Assigning projects for the consultant by creating a work orders in the system.