Our Platform: Workforce Management

A Modern HR Solution for Simple and Efficient Workforce Management

Simple Time Tracking and Attendance

With EmployEz, you can easily track and manage the attendance of all your employees. We offer comprehensive and accurate reporting with automated reminders, all within our sleek, user-friendly interface.

Automated Employee Project Scheduling

There’s no need to waste your valuable time on manual project scheduling. EmployEz ensures optimal automated workforce coverage for every project. You can see all the information related to assigned projects on a single screen and gauge the progress of said projects.

Tracking Time Off and Expenses

With EmployEz, you can submit bill payments through a web-based portal, keep track of expenses, and generate reports in different formats, all simultaneously in the same innovative platform.

In-Depth and Accessible Analytics

Analyze your workforce data with preconfigured, and in-depth reports presented in the form of easy to understand interactive charts.

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Ultimately, EmployEz gives freedom to your HR department to focus on strategy,
culture, and all things necessary to grow your enterprise.